Poll No. 206

Welcome to the results of the attached Poll No. 206, which focuses mainly on the decision of the Palestinian Authority to resume the relations with Israel that are terminated since 5/9/2020 in response to the intention of the Israeli government to annex about 30 % of the area of the West Bank with full support of the US administration. The motivation to take this courageous step by the Palestinian Authority was a letter from the Israeli government addressed to the PA confirming its willingness to abide by all the agreements signed with the PA. The majority of the Palestinian people, in this poll, expressed, however, their mistrust of Israel’s intentions, as its actions on the ground speak another language. Nevertheless, the Palestinian people are still hopeful that they will have one day their own independent and sovereign State of Palestine with East Jerusalem it’s capital.


Dr. Nabil Kukali
President & Founder of (PCPO)


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